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Here, you can learn more about Reclaiming Futures, or browse reports by practitioners in the field about how to implement our model.

About Reclaiming Futures

Want to learn more about Reclaiming Futures, or share it with others? Download our inspirational brochure, an overview of the initiative explaining the policy context, or check out our videos.

Reclaiming Futures brochureOur Brochure, 2007

Explains the goals of the initiative and how new communities can become involved. Unfolds into an inspirational colorful poster about the strengths of young people. Request printed color copies from Cheryl Reed at (503) 725-8911. Download the PDF. »


Investing in Reclaiming FuturesInvesting in Reclaiming Futures: A Guide for Public Agencies, Policymakers, and Foundations, 2010

Learn how to bring Reclaiming Futures to your area and change the way your community treats kids in the justice system with substance abuse problems. Download PDF »


The Reclaiming Futures InitiativeThe Reclaiming Futures Initiative: Improving substance abuse interventions for justice-involved youth, January 2007

This introductory overview explains the initiative, lays out the policy context, briefly describes the six steps of the Reclaiming Futures model, and summarizes the evaluation. Download the PDF. »


How to Implement Reclaiming Futures — Advice from Practitioners

Curious about what it’s like on the ground trying to implement the Reclaiming Futures model? Review reports from the professionals at our ten communities who piloted and refined our model.


A Model for Judicial LeadershipA Model for Judicial Leadership: Community responses to juvenile substance abuse, 2006.

The judges who led the 10 Reclaiming Futures founding sites discuss the need for judicial leadership, the Reclaiming Futures model, and practical steps toward building an effective collaborative. Download PDF. »


How to Implement Reclaiming FuturesHow to Implement a Model to Get Youth off Drugs and Out of Crime, 2007

The project directors from the 10 Reclaiming Futures founding sites describe how to plan for Reclaiming Futures, make the system changes and implement the model, and offer advice on positive activities for youth. Download PDF. »


Juvenile Probation Officer Call for New ResponsesJuvenile Probation Officers Call for New Responses to Teen Drug and Alcohol Use, 2007

A report by probation officers from the 10 Reclaiming Futures founding communities. They discuss the need for the Reclaiming Futures model, describe how it works, and offer practical solutions and recommendations for improving treatment for youth in the juvenile justice system. Download PDF. »


Improving Care for Teens In TroubleImproved Care for Teens in Trouble with Drugs, Alcohol, and Crime: Reclaiming Futures treatment providers advocate for change, 2007

Treatment professionals from the 10 Reclaiming Futures founding communities discuss the need for change, the details of the model from a treatment perspective, and how to handle funding and training challenges. Download PDF.


Key Terminology for Communities...Key Terminology for Communities Developing Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs in Partnership with the Juvenile Justice System, 2007

A companion piece to Improved Care for Teens in Trouble with Drugs, Alcohol, and Crime. It defines treatment-related terms to improve communication with the juvenile justice system. Download PDF. »


Moving Toward Equal GroundMoving Toward Equal Ground: Engaging the capacity of youth, families and communities to improve treatment services and outcomes in the juvenile justice system, 2007

Community representatives from the 10 Reclaiming Futures founding sites talk about the pivotal role families and communities play in implementing the model, list communities using promising strategies to engage them, and specific steps to make it happen. Download PDF. »

Lessons LearnedLessons Learned: Reclaiming Futures’ national advisory committee shares experience in systems reform, March 2003

Advice from experts on how to make a systems reform effort like Reclaiming Futures successful and long-lasting. Download PDF. »


More Tools to Help You Implement Reclaiming Futures

Whether you’re just getting started or ready to inspire your community to help teens, here’s tools you don’t want to be without.

Dual Diagnosis Screening and Assessment For Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Who are the youth we are serving? Recent research points out that most often the youth we serve are involved with multiple agencies, and are dealing with a variety of issues, and may have multiple diagnoses… Download PDF »

Youth Participation in Practice

Roger Hart’s Ladder of Participation Download PDF »

Enhancing Substance Use Treatment and Juvenile Justice Partnerships Within a System of Care

System of Care was first introduced by Stroul & Friedman in 1986 as a framework in which to develop a comprehensive, inclusive, coordinated, caring system for children and youth diagnosed with severe emotional problems and their families. Read more… Download PDF »

Partners within the System of Care Role of a Behavioral Health Treatment Practitioner in the Juvenile Justice System

Every participant in a System of Care must understand their own specific role, including their purpose, parameters, practice and expected outcomes. Read more… Download PDF »

Reclaiming Futures Readiness AssessmentReadiness Assessment (Workbook), Rev. ed. 2013

Want to implement Reclaiming Futures in your community? Use this readiness assessment to review areas of strength and identify areas where growth is needed. Download PDF. »


When You Were 15When You Were 15, 2006

Help adults in your community connect with youth in the justice system by using stories to remind them of what it was like to be a teenager. Here’s a sample anthology from Reclaiming Futures Multnomah Embrace (Portland, OR). Down PDF. » See more stories. »


Policy and Funding Guidance

Want to truly change how your community serves teens in the justice system with substance abuse problems? That means changing funding streams – and policy at every level. Here’s some guidance on what to do, and how.


Model Policies for Juvenile Justice and Substance Abuse TreatmentModel Policies for Juvenile Justice and Substance Abuse Treatment, July 2008

An interdisciplinary task force makes concrete recommendations for federal, state, and local policies that support effective programming for youth struggling with alcohol, drugs, and crime. Download PDF. »


Strength-based Bill of Rights for Teens in the Juvenile Justice System

Helping young people in the justice system takes more than holding them accountable. It also takes an unshakeable belief in their potential. Promote their strengths with this bill of rights, developed by Dr. Laura Burney Nissen in 1998. Read their rights. »


Financing Treatment of Substance Abuse for Youth in the Juvenile Justice SystemFinancing Treatment of Substance Use Disorders for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System, 2006

Doreen Cavanaugh, Ph.D., of the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, explains federal funding streams and how they can be tapped to fund treatment for youth in the justice system. Download PDF. »


Building Community SolutionsBuilding Community Solutions to Substance Abuse and Delinquency
Financing Collaborative Approaches and Challenges for Building Integrated Systems
, March 2001

Though dated, this report provides a useful framework for thinking about how to fund an integrated treatment system and potential challenges. Download PDF. »


Legal PrimerInformation Sharing and Confidentiality: A legal primer to help the community, the bench, and the bar implement change in the juvenile justice system, March 2002

This report reviews the laws governing information-sharing and suggests protocols for sharing information while protecting youth privacy. Download PDF. »


Evaluation Results »

A national evaluation has shown that Reclaiming Futures is a promising strategy for improving the way communities intervene with teens. Read our evaluation reports. »


E-Newsletter Archive »

Our weekly e-newsletter collects our blog posts on juvenile justice reform, adolescent substance abuse treatment, grants, and learning opportunities. Check out our past issues. »


Selected Publications that Mention Reclaiming Futures

We are pleased to be included in reports by researchers, our own funders, and other government agencies and organizations. A few appear below:

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