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Statistics from the Department of Juvenile Justices (DJJ) show that in Orange County, 22 percent of youth in the justice system have some level of family substance use/abuse and 42 percent indicate some need for substance abuse assessment and/or treatment. In Chatham County, 38 percent of court-involved youth have noted family substance use/abuse, and 47 percent come from homes where family members have criminal history, which often involves drug or alcohol related charges.

At Reclaiming Futures Orange/Chatham Counties, we are working to improve the quality of alcohol and drug treatment services available to youth in our justice system. Coordinated by the Mental Health Association in Orange County, we aim to build upon our evolving justice system, led by the innovative Chief District Court Judge Joe Buckner, and use the Reclaiming Futures model to better serve court-involved youth with substance abuse needs. We strongly believe in connecting these youth to effective treatment rather than committing them to training schools and detention centers.

We plan to do the following to help young people in our area:

  • Improve treatment services for drug and alcohol use
  • Create a comprehensive system of care that coordinates social services
  • Involve the community in creating new opportunities for youth

Our Core Partners

  • 15-B District Court Judges Office
  • Chatham Collaborative for Child Well Being
  • Chatham Community for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Healthy Carolinians in Orange County
  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
  • Mental Health Association in Orange County
  • Orange Collaborative for Child Well Being
  • Orange Person Chatham Local Management Entity

Funding Sources

We are funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and receive additional support from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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