Reclaiming Futures Mecklenburg County


Katy FitzgeraldKaty Fitzgerald, Project Director
Mecklenburg County Criminal Justice Services
600 East Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: (704) 432-6752

About Us

Reclaiming Futures began in September 2013 in Mecklenburg County as an initiative within the Mecklenburg County Youth Treatment Court. We are supported by Mecklenburg County Criminal Justice Services, whose mission is to promote improvements in the criminal justice system through interagency cooperation, coordination and planning. We aim to improve the identification of substance abuse and mental health treatment needs, the availability and quality of substance abuse and mental health services, and the network of natural community resources for the juveniles in our Youth Treatment Court. We hope to expand our Reclaiming Futures efforts to enhance, enrich, and strengthen the treatment services and community resources for all of our youth. We plan to do the following for the youth in our county:

  • Increase the use of effective screening tools to identify mental health and substance abuse treatment needs;
  • Work collaboratively with local treatment providers to ensure appropriate treatment availability; and
  • Work collaboratively with our community to grow the community resources necessary to meet the needs of our youth.

Our Core Partners

  • 26th Judicial District
  • Mecklenburg County Criminal Justice Services
  • Mecklenburg County Youth Treatment Court
  • Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice, District 26
  • Council for Children’s Rights
  • Family First Community Services

Funding Sources

Mecklenburg County Criminal Justice Services