Reclaiming Futures McDowell, North Carolina

About Us

McDowell County fights to maintain a number of licensed substance abuse professionals in order to efficiently provide the treatment services needed for youth. McDowell County also struggles with providing youth and families with treatment in a timely and adequate manner. Reclaiming Futures in McDowell County N.C has a vast amount of support from The Smoky Mountain Center LME/MCO. Smoky Mountain Center implements ongoing communication regarding reform initiatives and also focuses on identifying service needs for many counties, McDowell being one.

Within McDowell County, there have been 38% of assessed youth that have some level of substance/use within the past 12 months and of those assessed, 72% of the youth have mental health needs. Both of those statistics are an increase from the previous year as well as higher than the state rate. According to the National Center for Mental Health Juvenile Justice (NCMHJJ), of the 126 complaints filed in November 2012, it is estimated that 60% (75) have a substance abuse disorder. The NCMHJJ also estimates that 60%-90% of youth involved with the juvenile justice system diagnosed with a mental health or substance abuse disorder have both. Through the implementation of Reclaiming Futures, we will see how accurate those estimations are.

Reclaiming Futures in McDowell County is working to improve the process and quality of treating youth with substance abuse and mental health issues as well as growing, compiling, and collaborating with additional community resources. We plan to do the following for the youth in McDowell County:

  • Improve treatment services for alcohol use, drug use and mental health issues
  • Bring awareness to our community about the needs of our youth and involve the community in creating the necessary and new developments for youth and;
  • Coordinate with services in place to expand.

Our Core Partners

  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  • McDowell County Schools
  • The Mentor Network
  • A Caring Alternative
  • CNC Access Inc dba ResCare HomeCare
  • Smoky Mountain Center LME/MCO
  • District 29A Court Judges.

Funding Sources

We are funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, The Duke Endowment and The Smoky Mountain Center