Reclaiming Futures Henderson and Transylvania Counties

About Us

In 2010 as part of a collaborative state initiative and support from Western Highlands MCO, Department of Juvenile Justice and NC Mentor, DJJ court counselors in Henderson and Transylvania Counties began using an evidenced based screening tool to identify substance abuse and mental health concerns for youth referred for court services. Since that time, we have observed a significant increase in the number of youth involved in substance use and in need of further substance abuse assessment and intervention.

The Reclaiming Futures site team from Henderson and Transylvania Counties is focused on improving and increasing substance abuse treatment services, and build natural community supports to meet the needs of youth and families. We will strengthen existing infrastructure and create new partnerships in order to:

  • Increase initial screening and assessment for adolescent drug and alcohol use
  • Improve timely connection and initiation of evidenced based treatment services to youth and families
  • Improve engagement and completion of services for youth and families
  • Engage the community to create positive pathways and support for youth and families beyond treatment
  • Create data tracking systems in order to monitor progress of youth and evaluate systems

Our Core Partners

  • Department of Juvenile Justice Delinquency & Prevention
  • 29B District Court Judges Office
  • Western Highlands LME/MCO
  • NC Mentor
  • Juvenile Justice Substance Abuse Mental Health Partnership

Funding Sources

We are funded by The Duke Endowment.