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Jennifer Russell
Jennifer Russell
Duval County Juvenile Drug Court
501 West Adams St, Rm 2318
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: 904-630-2199


About Us

The Duval County Juvenile Drug Court program (JDC), located in Jacksonville, Florida was implemented in 1997 under the direction of The Honorable Chief Judge Donald R. Moran, Jr. Since JDC began, it has positively enhanced the lives of numerous substance abusing youths. This five phase program incorporates intensive outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment services, residential treatment services, life skills, family involvement and linkage to various community support programs.

Led by The Honorable Judge Henry E. Davis, the participants attend court frequently, submit to frequent random observed drug and alcohol testing and turn in detailed school progress reports. The participants are closely monitored by the court, case managers and treatment staff. When the juvenile participates in treatment, works well in school, remains drug-free, and graduates; the State Attorney may dismiss the underlying charges. With the combined effort of the courts, law enforcement, and treatment, the participant should display a significant improvement during the program.

Utilizing the Reclaiming Futures® model and the Seven Challenges® curriculum, JDC strives to significantly reduce recurrence of substance abusing adolescent offenders. Success is attained by keeping kids in school, in their homes and out of juvenile justice facilities.

We plan to do the following to help adolescents in our area:

  • Enhance and improve access to substance abuse and mental health treatment services for JDC participants and their families.
  • Implement a comprehensive system of care incorporating various community-based services for families involved in JDC.
  • Inspire the community at large to become involved with our youth and families in need.

Our Core Partners

  • Judges of Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida
  • Office of the Court Administrator, Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida
  • City of Jacksonville, Florida
  • Office of the State Attorney- Duval County
  • Office of the Public Defender- Duval County
  • River Region Human Services
  • Gateway Community Services
  • Department of Juvenile Justice

Funding Sources

JDC is funded by the City of Jacksonville through the Alternatives to Incarceration fund and through the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Programs.