Reclaiming Futures Santa Cruz County

About Us

The number of teens in detention in Santa Cruz County continues to decline, as does crime committed by these young people. Santa Cruz’s detention reform effort is saving the County millions of dollars by avoiding the construction and staffing of a new detention facility. Still, there were at least 20 youth in juvenile detention each day in 2008.

At Reclaiming Futures Santa Cruz County, we have improved the alcohol and drug treatment services these youth receive in the following ways:

  • Focused on youth in need of higher services, or those most challenged to succeed
  • Used the highly regarded Seven Challenges treatment protocol
  • Included family and youth in decision-making
  • Created a Youth Involvement Work Group
  • Used cultural programs: Cara y Corazon (face and heart) Family Strengthening and Joven Noble-Rites of Passage

Our Core Partners

  • Santa Cruz County Juvenile Court and Juvenile Probation
  • Santa Cruz County Alcohol and Drug Programs
  • Santa Cruz County Children’s Mental Health
  • Office of Education Alternative Schools
  • Family Partnerships Program
  • Criminal Justice Council of Santa Cruz
  • Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance
  • Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos
  • Community Action Board
  • CRP Youth Services
  • UCSF Child Services Research

Funding Sources

Reclaiming Futures Santa Cruz County was one of 10 founding sites funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation between 2002 and 2007.