The Solution: More Treatment

Reclaiming Futures helps juvenile justice systems do a better of identifying youth who need treatment, assessing their individual needs, and connecting them to care.

Participating sites measure the prevalence and severity of substance abuse problems in the youth they serve with screening and assessment tools that have been validated by research. They also work to assess youth as early as possible in the court process, while taking care not to pull youth into the justice system who do not need to be there.

When appropriate, local teams also work to increase the amount of treatment available for teens in the justice system. For example, our sites in Montgomery County, OH, the Mountains of Kentucky, and Oyate Teca Owicakiya in Rosebud, SD all created residential treatment beds for adolescents where none existed before.

What’s Next

Increasing the amount of treatment available and youth and family access to care is a great first step. we also need:

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