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Reclaiming Futures is designed to improve services for individual youth. But we also want to change the way the juvenile justice system — and adolescent treatment providers — do business. Our model makes it possible.

Six Steps for Teens »

The Reclaiming Futures model tracks youth through the juvenile justice system in six steps:

  1. Initial screening »
  2. Initial assessment »
  3. Service coordination »
  4. Service initiation »
  5. Service engagement »
  6. Transition »

Measure Youth Outcomes [PPT file] »

Calculating the Components of the Reclaiming Futures ModelThe model includes process measures and outcome measures that relate to youth success. Using them will tell you whether your juvenile justice and drug treatment system actually works as intended.

Using the model, each community can answer questions like the following:

  • Are services delivered as planned and on time?
  • Do youth end up where they are supposed to be?
  • Do they move from one stage of the system to the next in a timely way?

The answers to questions like these help communities make needed changes to assure that youth succeed. The process and outcome measures create benchmark data to track improvement. Learn how the measures work. [PPT file] »