Bring Reclaiming Futures to You

Now is the Time

You can:

  • Change the way your community treats kids in the justice system with substance abuse problems.
  • Help young people stay out of trouble with the law.
  • Improve public safety and save money.
  • Give young people the support they need—more treatment, better treatment and beyond treatment—to turn their lives around.

Bring Reclaiming Futures to Your State or Tribal Lands »

Investing in Reclaiming FuturesInvesting in Reclaiming Futures offers a rare opportunity to re-engineer juvenile justice in whole states or regions. It also saves money and cuts recidivism. We are looking for state and tribal funding partners to help us spread the model.

To get started, download Investing in Reclaiming Futures: A Guide for Public Agencies, Policymakers, and Foundations.

In this document, you’ll learn:

  • why Reclaiming Futures is needed in every state and how our model works;
  • what Reclaiming Futures communities do and what services they receive;
  • four action items to make a state or tribal-level Reclaiming Futures initiative work; and
  • how you can get involved.

Reclaiming Futures Works »

Reclaiming Futures has been evaluated by The Urban Institute and Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago. See our evaluation reports. »

By investing in Reclaiming Futures, leaders like you can forever change the way your state or tribe helps teens in trouble with drugs and crime. Won’t you join us?

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For more information or to arrange a presentation, contact Evan Elkin, Reclaiming Futures National Executive Director, at (503) 725-8914, or