SAMHSA Releases 2012 Recovery Month Toolkit

by Brooke Preston

This September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), will sponsor its 23rd annual National Recovery Month. This long-standing observance celebrates the effectiveness of prevention, treatment, and recovery services and the reality of recovery for all individuals experiencing behavioral health issues. 


SAMHSA has just released the 2012 Recovery Month toolkit, which the group creates each year to make it easy for individuals and organizations to plan and promote this important awareness event. The toolkit also educates readers on how to recognize signs of mental and/or substance use disorders, and provides personal stories and insights into the process and power of recovery. A media outreach section includes templates to customize and send to local and online media outlets. Tips on how to cultivate partnerships with other organizations are also included.

This year’s theme is, “Join the Voices for Recovery: It’s Worth It,” and emphasizes that while the road to recovery may be difficult, the benefits of preventing and overcoming mental and/or substance use disorders are significant and valuable.

Your commitment to Recovery Month is essential to raising awareness about the importance of prevention, treatment, and recovery. Let’s join together to make this year’s Recovery Month the biggest and best yet.


The Recovery Month Toolkit can be downloaded as one PDF, or as individual sections

The Recovery Month PSAs can be viewed at:

The Slims Jims, Flyer, Poster and letterhead can be downloaded at the bottom of the page linked here: Order the slim jims, Flyer and Poster through the SAMHSA store at:

The Planning Partner banners can be found at:


Brooke Preston is an Acting Digital Account Executive at Prichard Communications, where she creates strategies and content for a number of clients including Reclaiming Futures. Brooke is a seasoned writer, editor and content consultant whose background is centered in journalism, nonprofit communications and brand development counsel. Brooke received a B.S.S. in Music and Media Studies from Ohio University.